Who we are

Pastamadre is a restaurant and culinary project by Francesco Costanzo, who was a photojournalist before cooking. The shop window overlooks via Corio, it is a place frequented by many inhabitants of the Porta Romana district, of different ages and backgrounds: bow ties, tattoos, bows, heels, ties or backpacks, everyone is welcome in a place that offers somewhat the intimate comfort of a home. A larger room and a more private room adjacent to the kitchen, 38 seats at each meal: flavors of memory that are simple and straightforward but laid out at the table with kindness.
The roots of Pastamadre are Mediterranean. Sea is a word that is always present on the menu, but the restaurant also offers meat dishes, always accompanied by a large amount of vegetables and legumes.
The choice of animal proteins is conscious: the fish follows seasonality and the meat (a lot of it comes directly from the Nebrodi) is accompanied by tracking that proves the lifestyle led by the herds.
The selection of materials from small producers is a cornerstone of Pastamadre, which uses only tested materials or those that come from places known personally over the years. The kitchen does not like to elaborate, or cover and overload flavors but, on the contrary, tries to bring the original flavor to the plate.
Coffee is not considered a closing meal, but a choice: in the dining room only hand-roasted espresso coffee from the last harvest is served, of which the plantation of origin is known.
Francesco has been carrying out a careful research on local wines for years and new labels constantly pass from the restaurant, always produced according to nature. The selection is not only Italian but also includes many labels from other European countries and the rest of the world.
The interiors are designed and built in part with recycled materials by Giacomo Borella of Studio Albori. On the walls are his pencil drawings, accompanied by Moreno Gentili's Poetic Manifestos that speak of Milan, of love, of colors and of the ingredients of life. The counter, the benches and some tables, the lamps, part of the ceilings and a clothes hanger were created by hand on site before Pastamadre opened its doors. The serving dishes are handmade in a Milanese ceramic workshop.