Burrocracy Series

Burrocracy is a project by Aurora from Le Polveri and Gianni from @mezzatazza. Every now and then, on some Sundays, we will host them to offer you a buttery menu that ranges from sweet to savory, always created by a different chef. The menu will always be accompanied by Aurora's bread products, Gianni's filter coffees and our natural wines. A journey of discovery that we advise you not to miss.


03 Oct 2021 - Chiara Pavan
Chiara Pavan is from Verona, philosopher, cook, craftsman and craftswoman. Cheffe by @venissa_tenuta, takes care of the kitchen and garden to compose seasonal menus, with attention to the whole world of vegetables and fermented products.
14 Nov 2021 - Chiara Barla

Imperia, art historian, cook. He lives in Copenhagen and works at Apotek57, where he puts poetry into his dishes every day delicate creations for breakfast or lunch.





28 Nov 2021 -  Lucia Gaspari
Veronese, designer, cook. After various experiences abroad and in Italy, he is creating his own bucolic reality in Lessinia, to bring real cuisine in contact with nature with timid firmness. Cuisine, nature, arts and crafts will merge thanks to his Luce Project.



05 Jun 2022 -  Sarah Cicolini
Theatine, almost a doctor, runner and cook. Cheffe di SantoPalato, offers menus that are both authentic and delicate, rooted in tradition with a pijio on west coast hip hop.